Zenith PS4 Review

Have you ever wanted a next gen Bards Tale? Welcome to Zenith!


VIDEO REVIEW – https://youtu.be/QiHb-L7BonQ

If there’s one thing I love its when games don’t take themselves so seriously, and one thing Zenith does well is it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Zenith is an Action RPG where you take on a wild and at times, HILARIOUS adventure as Argus, a thirty-something wizard who’s needed for one final job: protecting a powerful artifact from against teen angst. During your journey, you will come across TONS of pop culture references. Some will be blatant and in your face like taking a quest from Goku in full dress, or more subtle things like this reference to Olaf from the movie Frozen, but in a turn of events the villagers go after Olaf for being a monster and slay him. Either way, when you come across one of these they are always hilarious.


Combat is typical of am ARPG, “Smash X to win”. Your combat moves and wizard powers can be modified with over 100 items of loot like Boots, Belts, Tunics, Bracers, Rings, and Pendants, plus potions and the such. Each you collect through your journey. You can adapt to each battle and situation with different gear setups or find the one that works for you. This type of combat can get boring over time, I get it. But Zenith adds great effects to its finishers and spells that really adds some “oompf” to your attacks. You will be dodging, blocking and using magic to slay thy enemies. I enjoy it.

The game gives you an adequate open world that at times can be hard to find your way through due to the fact that there’s no mini map. BUMMER. but rewards you for exploring every corner of it. You will be greeted with a chest with loot or one of those pop culture easter eggs. I was ok with finding either.


The graphics are nothing to get excited about but they do their job. What the world lacks in detail, it makes up for with awesome looking magic effects and lighting. The music is quite cheesy, but it helps set the mood for the wacky adventure. I also think the game would greatly benefit from more voice acting. It seemed like the further in the game I got, the less there was.

If you claim to be a fan of dungeon crawlers and ARPGs you have to pick this one up. You will be looking at just over 25 hours of content. Now I bid you ado with some giant singing spiders….


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  1. The game is better than I thought it would be!

    It has plenty of jokes and the characters are full of references. The music is great too!

    The combat and the graphics feels a little rough sometimes, but let’s not forget that this is an indie game, from an indie studio, with an indie budget. The price for the game is right for what you get.


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