Viking Squad PS4 Review -Loot and pillage ALL THE TREASURES!

Loot and pillage ALL THE TREASURES! (even giant golden fish)


In the light of recent releases like “Zombie Vikings” and “Dungeon Punks” on the PS4, we now get Viking Squad! Like the other mentioned games, Viking Squad gives us its unique take on side scrolling hack n slashes. This time we are treated to lane based combat. On the screen you get 4-5 lanes to fight in. You hop and skip from lane to lane, wherever the enemy may be and smash square to win. It WILL take your brain an hour or so to get used to this lane based combat. At first I wasn’t sure how much I liked it, now I LOVE IT!


Aside from hacking away at the very colorful and remarkably peculiar enemies, you are tasked with collecting as much treasure as possible during your adventure. If that means carrying and protecting a giant golden fish the entire level, then so be it. You can also collect themed armor and swords in various ways like opening chests, defeating bosses, and completing weird tasks.

As I mentioned earlier you basically smash square to win. There is a special attack that will consume your magic rune energy when you press triangle and as you level up you will unlock more combos that will utilize each attack button further.


This game is meant to be enjoyed with the pick up and play crowd. The penalty for death is zero. Any loot collected onto your ship will all be saved. What we ended up doing was grabbing all the treasure we could and see how deep into the level we could get without dying, when we died we went back to base camp, leveled up and equipped better items and kept going. So you will be running into massive difficulty spikes followed by stretches of easy killing.

What made it so we wanted to keep pressing on was the promise of unique loot just around the corner. What was this boss gonna drop, or what will this locked chest give us? We messed and tinkered with anything just to see if a rare piece of loot would pop out.


The game has 2 currencies. One is coins. Pretty straight forward, you get coins for breaking things, killing things etc.. These coins can be spent on items like health potions, and keys to unlock doors and chests. Coins stay with you through your adventure. Then you have this goblet chalice treasure looking currency. These are spent by leveling up your Viking and buying new gear like swords. However, you need to spend all of your goblet currency before embarking on the next adventure. When you leave, it’s lost! Interesting little mechanic that I enjoyed.

There are 4 Vikings you can choose from. Each Viking has their own fighting style and weapons. Using their different attacks together is how to really clear out the bad guys. So make sure to bring your friends along for the journey! Viking Squad offers both couch and online co-op! YES!


Viking Squad offers excellent coop, interesting boss battles, and incredible visuals. If you’re a fan of these side scrolling hack n slash titles, this is a must buy.

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