Headmaster PSVR Review!

Headmaster, where I promise you’re not a prisoner.

VIDEO REVIEW – https://youtu.be/MzJdrEqDMEk


Headmaster takes a simple concept that many VR and motion control games have used in the past, but puts a few unique spins on it.

Instead of the usual neon futuristic Tron looking visuals, you are treated to a more normal aesthetic with a Soccer theme.


In Headmaster you are “re-trained” how to properly do a “header” I believe it’s called and hit the soccer ball off your head into the net. There are various targets to hit and points to collect. Making the physics a very important feature. Do the physics stand up? You bet. The angle and speed of my head is properly portrayed in the game. If I keep my head still and try to have the ball hit off the top of my head, the ball will act accordingly. Also, if I violently swing my head to get a high-speed corner shot, I’ll get that high-speed corner shot.


Although we have all seen or played a game similar to this, it sets itself apart with its ambiance. You are plopped in a dimly lit field that looks eerily similar to a prison yard…. with a spotlight lighting up the goal and targets. There’s a man that comes over the intercom instructing you on how to play and to not worry about severe brain damage…. and it’s all of these weird prison elements that draw you in.

I hate soccer as a sport. Nothing about it appeals to me. But here I am swinging my head around just to see where this games goes with it’s narrative. It’s that intriguing.


My daughter who is 6 was having a blast and actually….she was beating my scores constantly. Once she got 3 stars on a challenge and as a reward, they then launched a flashlight at her. She didn’t like that, she flinched and tossed the headset off because she legit thought that flashlight was gonna hit her head hahaha.

If you have a PlayStation VR headset and are thinking “I have VR Worlds which has its own take on this ‘head pong’ game” I still suggest you pick Headmaster up. It’s quite a trip and different enough to warrant another purchase. Not to mention getting a well-placed ball to hit your target exactly, it’s a solid feeling.


Headmaster is on the PSN store now

VIDEO REVIEW – https://youtu.be/MzJdrEqDMEk


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