Sports Bar VR PSVR Review!

Sports Bar VR, more of a fun hangout spot than a good game.



Last night I had one of the best and most fun VR experiences yet. After getting constantly turned around, throwing darts into wall paintings, and randomly practicing karate with a pool cue….I finally decided to step into an open lobby Sportsbar. I was greeted by a large room full of Pool Tables, Dart Boards, Air Hockey Tables, and even Skee Ball Ramps. All of these bar games are playable. Then one by one the bar started to fill up, not with fake bar hoppers, but with actual VR players! These players (and yourself) are portrayed by a floating PSVR headset with a hat and some floating Playstation Move controllers.


The other players movements are accurately portrayed, almost to the point that I could picture what that person looked like as they danced around or set up for a nice shot at the pool table. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the first time I “met” someone in that VR environment. They popped in just feet away from me, the person got their bearings, looked around a bit and spotted me. They then waved, I waved back, then I giggled like a 1st grader who just made a new friend. This joy and humor never stopped. As more people came into my bar I took my place behind the bar. Poring fake beer into ice buckets, handing out books, (?) and even doing juggling tricks with beer bottles. At one moment I just sat back and watched all these people play the different games and hang out with one another. It was incredible.


As the night went on, the bar antics kept escalating. It started with a wooden skee ball fight and ended with every chair in the joint flipped and nothing left on shelves or tables. Broken glass littered the floor, hell we even tossed the jukebox around. We through mini dance parties and just generally had a blast. We never even played any of the games in the bar. We just walked around and hung out, and I was fine with that.


Each of the bar games I mentioned earlier pass as something fun to do. If these were the only thing to do in the game I would say stay as far away from this as possible. But its the social interactivity mixed with these subpar games and the environment that makes Sportsbar VR a must own PSVR title. I even found some solace in hanging out in my unfinished man cave shooting pool and throwing darts with no rules. Just relaxing.

Pick this up on the PSN store now.


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