The Dwarves on PS4. Heres a Rundown!

If you need more beer, beards and battle in your life, The Dwarves is for you!


KING Art Games are thrilled that story-based tactical RPGs are making a comeback thanks to Kickstarter. They always loved these games and worked hard to be part of this renaissance!

They had the idea to make a game with epic battles between a handful of heroes and hundreds of enemies (think “Battle of Helm’s Deep” in “The Lord of the Rings”) and combine these cool battles with a great story and a unique group of playable characters. The result is “The Dwarves”.



The Crowd Combat System uses physical parameters like mass, dimension, and momentum of individual characters to calculate a realistic flocking behavior. If an enemy in the front is hurled into an ally behind him, the information instantaneously travels across the entire group and causes them to react accordingly – everyone is affected.

That results in a very natural and cool-looking behavior for the whole enemy crowd. Everybody pushes and shoves, squeezes and stumbles all at the same time.


You can, and have to, make use of this “physical chaos” to hold your own against huge enemy hordes. Additionally, each hero has a range of individual attacks available that you can combine into powerful combos.

But how does combat feel besides all the physics-based havoc? Think about an RTS like Warcraft 3. In some missions you play only one (or a couple) of powerful heroes. These heroes fight against enemy minions without your help (auto-attacks), but you are the one who moves the characters and who chooses when to use which of their powerful special abilities. These abilities have a cool down, so you have to switch between your heroes to make the most out of them.


Add combos and the environment into the mix and you get an idea of what the combat feels like. You’re in control of an elite group of fighters that can fight for themselves if you’re not around, but who need you to close the deal.


“The Dwarves” is based on the first novel of the international best-selling fantasy series by German author Markus Heitz.


You play as Tungdil, a dwarf who was raised among humans and gained his knowledge of the five Dwarven Kingdoms primarily from books. He sets out on a grand journey across “Girdlegard” – a conglomeration of kingdoms that’s now more dangerous than ever.


You’ll travel across the game world on a world map that is alive with allied armies, enemy hordes, and NPCs, such as travelling salesmen. When you meet allies or merchants you can talk to them, buy things, and maybe receive a quest. There are also random events and encounters that can occur anywhere in the world. Sometimes it’s just minor things, sometimes these encounters call for tough decisions and might have far-reaching consequences.

There are a few hundred waypoints on the map you can travel to. There will be frequent switches from the world map to a more detailed view, where you can explore important locations and solve hidden puzzles.


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