Pixel Gear PSVR Review! Best used with a swivel chair

Pixel Gear, best used with a swivel chair.

PIXEL GEAR VIDEO REVIEW – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SRL2A4B3Lg


Pixel Gear took me back to the days of the arcade. Trudging around a dank, dark arcade with pockets full to the brim with nickels. One game I always had to hit up was “Beach Head”. You would grab this floating VR headset and pull it down over your head. You would stand and spin around, taking the role of the sole gunner defending a beach against invading enemy soldiers, tanks, helicopters and other military attack vehicles. Pixel Gear takes this concept and updates it for todays gamers.


You pull down your PSVR over your head, grab one Move controller, sit in a swivel chair and prepare for wave after wave of skelingtons, ogres, zombies, ghosts, bats, and more. Your Move controller acts as you boomstick. Wave it around trying to headshot all the baddies. It’s actually the first game that game me a good “aim down the sights” feeling. Its gets that right.


After defeating each wave you will earn coins, those coins can be used to purchase upgrades and even new weapons like a grenade launcher or SMG! There are 3 maps, each with an ending boss battle. However knowing how to kill each boss is an issue. There’s no real indication or text saying “this is how you kill this one”. Made for a very saddening end to a few runs.

Pixel Gear unfortunately is thrown into a growing bag of other “Beach Head” like games for the PSVR. It’s got some serious competition with London Heist, Ace Banana, Until Dawn Rush of Blood, and even Gunjack. The one major thing setting itself apart from the competition is the awesome looking voxel-based visuals.


So if London Heist is too serious, Ace Banana too kiddy, Until Dawn too scary, and Gunjack too Sci-Fi, then Pixel Gear is a perfect fit for you. Each of these titles offer a great spin on the Beach Head genera, and Pixel Gear keeps that going. Its not a copy/paste or rushed job. It’s a quality fast paced shooter that has a great price point.

Pixel Gear is on the PSN store now!

PIXEL GEAR VIDEO REVIEW – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SRL2A4B3Lg


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