Ginger: Beyond the Crystal PS4 Review

Ginger: Beyond the Crystal, the potential is strong with this one…



Ginger: Beyond the Crystal feels like it could be something great. Along the lines of Crash Bandicoot even. But there’re a few flaws helping it back from greatness and that’s a major bummer.

Ginger: Beyond the Crystal, it’s a simple and cute platformer that will remind you of the glory days of. Crash Bandicoot, Banjo and Kazooie, and Spyro the Dragon. You run through the levels with little Ginger rescuing villagers (and gaining outfits) double jumping and snagging all the crystals and collectibles on your way. There are minor puzzles to solve that mostly involve you wearing the right outfit in order to unlock things. There’s even a fun little Base building mechanic in here where you rebuild your village. Rescue survivors and do quests for them back in town and rebuilds the houses and shops. Seriously great fun.


But the game is marred by such dumb flaws that ruin the whole joy of the game. You are first greeted with absurd load times, then when loaded in, the frame rate is way below 30fps to the point I got sick within a minute of playing. The cutscenes are especially low frame rate. The combat is simple, yes, but there’s no “oomph” when hitting an enemy. You can walk through them with no collision. Combat is terribly unsatisfying.


Those negatives ruin what could be THE DEFINING PLATFORMER FOR THE NEW GENERATION. My daughter loves this game. It cute, it’s as hard as you want it to be and has easy cheese controls. The level design not only looks gorgeous, but each level is unique and fun. The enemy design is great too. They enemy AI all have patterns that are easy to identify and exploit. Everything about this game oozes nostalgia but technical errors hold it back from being great.


For now, I’m saying wait to buy. Let the developers iron out these kinks. This game has huge potential to be the next Crash Bandicoot if they make the combat feel better and fix the frame rate and camera issues….it’s a masterpiece.



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