Ace Banana PSVR Review!

Ace Banana, Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.

Ace Banana gives us a fun twist on the “beach head” genera and even throws in a banana Tamagotchi side game. It’s that side game though that keeps me coming back.



You, a lone Rambo banana must protect your banana babies from all sorts of wild and crazy monkeys. There’s a catch, bananas don’t know how to use guns, so we must use a bow & arrow. Well, the arrow is a plunger, or frog, or any other number or weird things. Pummel these banana stealing monkeys away from your multiple baby patches and save the day.

Ace Banana was the first VR game I played that used a bow & arrow as a weapon and buddy was I impressed. You hold the bow in one hand with the Move controller, then use your other hand with the other Move controller and PULL BACK the string and lets your plunger fly. There’s oddly no disconnect. I thought it would be harder to visualize where the bow was and the right place to grab and pull back, but I surprisingly had no problem. By the end of Wave 2, I was a pro, pulling off trick shots in all sorts of ways. It was a blast.


My first playthrough I made it to Wave 5. The onslaught on monkeys was too great for me. But alas what is this I was awarded? A baby banana?! Awesome. You take the baby banana back to your house and feed it, give it water, and a touch of sunshine and before your eyes the little botanical berry grows up into a full-fledged monkey sniping machine. You can then use that banana as your avatar and check yourself out in the cool mirror….yeaaa….


Ace Banana suffers from tediousness. The gameplay, even though its a bow & arrow, is just not enough to keep me playing for long. Its fun sure, but even the plethora of different powerups you can get aren’t enough to vary the gameplay. However, getting these baby bananas and raising them, THATS WHERE THE FUN IS FOR ME. There are 3 resources you use to grow your baby banana. Each resource can and will run out. So you need to play the game to get more of these resources. The only thing keeping me playing was to acquire these resources and see what kind of banana I would grow. I love a good reveal.


Ace Banana does a good job of setting itself apart from its competition, but the gameplay gets old quick. There is still fun to be had though, especially at this price point.

Ace Banana is out now on the PSN store for your PSVR. Now if you will excuse me, this is the last time I will ever say “Banana”.



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