Fruit Ninja PSVR Review

Fruit Ninja for the PSVR, I am the American Fruit Ninja Warrior!!!


Fruit Ninja got its humble beginnings on mobile phones. Using your finger to slash on screen and slice n dice as much fruit as possible in the allotted time. It was great fun actually, but there’s only so much immersion you can get from a mobile game. *Fruit Ninja VR steps in the room like a Ninja looking for vengeance in a saloon* “Is that a PSVR you have? Let me give it a go”

Fruit Ninja on mobile phones and even arcades was years ahead of its time. It has a permanent home and cottage on the PSVR now.


An issue that plagues many PSVR games is tracking. Now tracking is how well the camera tracks your movements. When a game has bad tracking, often your head movements will be jarring, and any actions performed with your hands will end up all over the screen and be a general mess. Fruit Ninja VR might have the BEST tracking in a PSVR game to date. It’s dead on. Had zero issues myself and it reacts to varying player heights with no issue. I’m 6’1 and the game adjusted to my 6-year-olds height and back to mine with no problem.

Seriously tho….the tracking is unbelievably superb.


There are 4 game modes:

Arcade, Classic, Survival, and my favorite, Zen which is an all out slash fest. You get 1:30 to slice as many fruits as possible. I use this mode to practice my sweet ninja moves.

Fruit Ninja VR is devoid of typical VR issues and has a mode for every type of gamer. It is now a go-to game to show off the PSVR to friends and family. Anyone can pick up and play. If you have a PSVR system, this is a must buy!