Robinson: The Journey PSVR Review

The PSVR game that treats me like an adult. Thanks.


Robinson: The Journey was the first game that let me put a hat and sunglasses on a baby T-Rex. When I first saw the hats, and a pair of sunglasses I thought “Will they let me put these on my pet T-Rex?” Turns out they did! That weird example explains what is best about this game.

Robinson The Journey is all about exploring and adventure. You are meant to look in every corner, interact with everything, the developers let you fully enjoy every nook and cranny of their world. From playing tic tac toe with your floating AI or shooting hoops back at basecamp.


Set on a prehistoric world where you are surrounded by dinosaurs big and small it is actually a joy to just wander around and take in the sheer scale of some of the huge creatures. VR of course allowing you to get right in beside them. You are tasked with going to different locations, doing puzzles and small quests to try and find any other survivors when the massive space ship that you were on crash landed. So far, it’s just you and you’re making due with your HIGS unit AI and your pet T-Rex.


Controls are always a big scary topic when it comes to VR games. It always comes down to personal preference and how VR affects your equilibrium. This time for me, I had zero sickness. The controls I had setup was free movement with the DS4 controller. I controlled my character just like I would in any other game. One of the rare PSVR games that actually lets me use regular controls and I LOVE IT!

Robinson The Journey blurs the lines of VR experience and VR game. You get freedom to go around and do what you want, but gameplay is restricted to puzzles, rock climbing, and making your own fun, yet you get these awesome vistas, wild environment, and standing next to massive dinos…..doesn’t get better than that. If you run through the game you’re looking at about 5 hours of play time. I however, spent 4 hours in basecamp alone.


At $60, if you rush through this game you will be disappointed. Get your moneys worth by really diving in and exploring like the developers intended. They don’t confine you in a cockpit, or put you on rails. So treating this like a normal game is hard when your PSVR has programmed your brain to think “VR games are highly directed”. Robinson is more open than most PSVR games and that’s what makes it worth it.


Tethered PSVR Review!

Tethered, as close as we’re gonna get to “Black & White” in VR!



Tethered might be the first true “game” I have played in VR. It wasn’t a showcase of the tech, or a demo of sorts. It’s a full-fledged god game you play only in VR.

The premise of the game is you’re a benevolent being that watches over these sky islands. Eggs start dropping out of the sky and hatch these little cute “bumbas” (that’s what I call them) you are then tasked to fulfill these bumbas life’s by making them do tasks. Tasks like mine rocks or minerals, chop wood, or farm. From there you can construct buildings like a tavern, a church, barracks and then on top of daily tasks you can assign them jobs like fighter, miner, farmer etc… that will make them more proficient in doing specific tasks.


Oh no it looks like you’re chopping down all the trees. No problem. Snag a rain cloud and tether it to the trees and it will grow more. There is a weather cloud for each resource so you can keep growing more. There are also crystals which you can mine and these will add to your spirit energy. Once you reach the target spirit amount you have completed that island and can move onto the next.


The twist though, is at night monsters come out. Send in your fighters and gang up on these beasts to take them down swiftly. Killing beasts as well as completing major tasks will also award spirit points.

You will be going on tether attaching tangents. There are a good amount of tasks that need to be highly regulated. You will be assigning and re assigning tasks constantly. Tethering constantly. As pretty as the visuals are you don’t get too much time to really look around these gorgeous landscapes. There work to be done people!


The single issue I had though was a big one. The crosshair dot wasn’t centered correctly. I don’t know if this is design or if my head is just lopsided, but I would go to aim and tether and the dot would be slightly left of where my brain thought it should be. Weird.

Besides that Tethered is a wonderful game with lots to offer. It’s a game that doesn’t care how quick your reaction time is and it doesn’t care for complicated control schemes. It takes the VR platform, thrives off its unique ip, and makes an impression. Tethered is here to stay and I hope to see a Tethered 2 in a year or 2. Yes, it’s that fun.

If you have a PSVR this is THE GAME to buy. No gimmicks, no nostalgia, no AAA hype. Just fantastically fun gameplay.


Pixel Gear PSVR Review! Best used with a swivel chair

Pixel Gear, best used with a swivel chair.



Pixel Gear took me back to the days of the arcade. Trudging around a dank, dark arcade with pockets full to the brim with nickels. One game I always had to hit up was “Beach Head”. You would grab this floating VR headset and pull it down over your head. You would stand and spin around, taking the role of the sole gunner defending a beach against invading enemy soldiers, tanks, helicopters and other military attack vehicles. Pixel Gear takes this concept and updates it for todays gamers.


You pull down your PSVR over your head, grab one Move controller, sit in a swivel chair and prepare for wave after wave of skelingtons, ogres, zombies, ghosts, bats, and more. Your Move controller acts as you boomstick. Wave it around trying to headshot all the baddies. It’s actually the first game that game me a good “aim down the sights” feeling. Its gets that right.


After defeating each wave you will earn coins, those coins can be used to purchase upgrades and even new weapons like a grenade launcher or SMG! There are 3 maps, each with an ending boss battle. However knowing how to kill each boss is an issue. There’s no real indication or text saying “this is how you kill this one”. Made for a very saddening end to a few runs.

Pixel Gear unfortunately is thrown into a growing bag of other “Beach Head” like games for the PSVR. It’s got some serious competition with London Heist, Ace Banana, Until Dawn Rush of Blood, and even Gunjack. The one major thing setting itself apart from the competition is the awesome looking voxel-based visuals.


So if London Heist is too serious, Ace Banana too kiddy, Until Dawn too scary, and Gunjack too Sci-Fi, then Pixel Gear is a perfect fit for you. Each of these titles offer a great spin on the Beach Head genera, and Pixel Gear keeps that going. Its not a copy/paste or rushed job. It’s a quality fast paced shooter that has a great price point.

Pixel Gear is on the PSN store now!


Sports Bar VR PSVR Review!

Sports Bar VR, more of a fun hangout spot than a good game.



Last night I had one of the best and most fun VR experiences yet. After getting constantly turned around, throwing darts into wall paintings, and randomly practicing karate with a pool cue….I finally decided to step into an open lobby Sportsbar. I was greeted by a large room full of Pool Tables, Dart Boards, Air Hockey Tables, and even Skee Ball Ramps. All of these bar games are playable. Then one by one the bar started to fill up, not with fake bar hoppers, but with actual VR players! These players (and yourself) are portrayed by a floating PSVR headset with a hat and some floating Playstation Move controllers.


The other players movements are accurately portrayed, almost to the point that I could picture what that person looked like as they danced around or set up for a nice shot at the pool table. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the first time I “met” someone in that VR environment. They popped in just feet away from me, the person got their bearings, looked around a bit and spotted me. They then waved, I waved back, then I giggled like a 1st grader who just made a new friend. This joy and humor never stopped. As more people came into my bar I took my place behind the bar. Poring fake beer into ice buckets, handing out books, (?) and even doing juggling tricks with beer bottles. At one moment I just sat back and watched all these people play the different games and hang out with one another. It was incredible.


As the night went on, the bar antics kept escalating. It started with a wooden skee ball fight and ended with every chair in the joint flipped and nothing left on shelves or tables. Broken glass littered the floor, hell we even tossed the jukebox around. We through mini dance parties and just generally had a blast. We never even played any of the games in the bar. We just walked around and hung out, and I was fine with that.


Each of the bar games I mentioned earlier pass as something fun to do. If these were the only thing to do in the game I would say stay as far away from this as possible. But its the social interactivity mixed with these subpar games and the environment that makes Sportsbar VR a must own PSVR title. I even found some solace in hanging out in my unfinished man cave shooting pool and throwing darts with no rules. Just relaxing.

Pick this up on the PSN store now.