Space Rift PSVR Review

Space Rift – A tear in the space-time continuum, or a tear in your inner ear?


Space Rift has an exterior shell that will make you want to tear your eyes out and buy new ears, but under that preposterous ugly shell, there is s a solid PSVR game.

The graphics, garbage. Too sharp, poor quality textures and horrid lighting.

The sound, garbage. the entire audio library of the game is blown out. Like every sound they recorded was in the red or the voice actor was eating the mic.


But………but…….despite those 2 MAJORLY GLARING issues, the gameplay is good! The mix of slow paced mining for materials mixed with medium paced space combat makes for a well-paced experience. As the game moves along it also opens up a bit more. You can upgrade your ship in a number of ways. Different types of weapons to suit your playstyle, Enjoy mining, upgrade your drill and get more probes too! Better shields, faster engines, go to town upgrading.

Inside the ship you have different monitors, each gives different info on what is going on. They even sneak the pause menu into one of those monitors and that’s pretty cool. You get a nice view out of the cockpit that lets you see most of what’s outside but still making it feel like you are on a ship.


Nothing in the game is overly difficult. It’s a nice little space mining adventure that will destroy your earbuds but gives your PSVR an alternate space game that’s single player. It’s simple to pick up and play and is generally just enjoyable to float around space.